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Trailer and caravan repairs in Mackay

Truck spare — Caravan and Trailer Repair Mackay in Mackay, QLD
CLR Mechanical in Mackay, services a wide range of trailers, including box trailers, boat trailers, horse floats, caravans and even offer mobile servicing and repairs for your caravan or tailer.

Keeping your trailer in good condition is key to its long life and safety on the road. When you bring your trailer to us, we check your lights, brakes and suspension to ensure compliance with all Queensland regulations.

Planning on a trip with the family. Get away without worrying about your caravan and whether any mechanical problems will arise. We service and repair the under-carriage of caravans ready for those holiday trips away.

Our experienced team can also perform welding modifications and repairs such as replacing worn hitches or repairing frame and axel damage.

We can also inspect your trailer, horse float or caravan to make sure it meets roadworthy criteria and it is safe to transport goods and animals on the road.

For a quote on trailer and caravan repair, contact us today.

What can we do for your trailer?

Check & re-grease wheel bearings
Re-tension wheel nuts to the
correct torque
Inspect for cracks or rusted,
brittle areas
Inspect rollers, brackets & split
pins for cracks or breaks
Check the winch is working
Check the lights
Check the brakes & pads
Check tyre pressure and tread
We'll also inspect the undercarriage of your caravan to make sure it's mechanically sound and safe to be on the road.